[rt-users] Stripping Headers

Eric Goodman ericg at cats.ucsc.edu
Wed May 17 14:59:19 EDT 2000

>>Never saw an answer to this question and I am facing the same issue.  Did
>>anyone send an answer off-list?  If so, could you send me some suggestions

I sent this a while ago:


>Is there a simple way to strip out headers from incoming emails,
>or have them not visible in the tickets?

For the web form of in outgoing mail?

In rt/lib/rt/ui/web/manipulate.pm there's a line deep in the 
"print_history_tables" subroutine:

	"&rt::ui::web::print_transaction( 'all', 'received', ... )"

If you change 'all' to 'none' headers are not displayed in the web 
forms (or you can change it to something like 'to|from|subject' to 
just display the selected headers).

If you are talking about headers that are in the outgoing mail 
generated by RT, in rt/lib/rt/ui/mail/manipulate.pm the last line of 
the "munge_content" subroutine is

	$content = $body . "\n\n--- Headers Follow ---\n\n" . $headers;

If you change that line to:

	$content = $body;

the headers are stripped from the mail messages.

Some caveats:

o This is all in RT 1.0.2.

o I am not an official (or even semi-official) developer for RT, so 
don't have any experience with what the side effects of such changes 
might be.

o Stripping the headers may not always be a good idea (even if it 
works) if there is possibility of confusion as to where a message 
came from before RT works with it.

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