[rt-users] only display latest entries in the queue

Feargal Reilly feargal at lucrece.office.thecia.ie
Wed May 17 17:50:59 EDT 2000

The problem with a quick hack is that the same select is made from the cli as 
from the web ui, and the mail ui.

The quickest and dirtiest hack is to change rt/lib/database.pm line 199 as 
amend 'ORDER BY id"' to read 'ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 100"'

This will only show the last 100 most recent requests. but this kinda renders 
RT just barely useful. A less ugly, but more time consuming option would be to
create a new variable called display_limit_value, set by default to, maybe 50. 
that line would then read 'ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT $display_limit_value"'

Then you could add a filter (rt/lib/rt/ui/web/forms.pm) to change that value.
Then make sure that value is passed around to database.pm. Of course then, 
you'd want to add an argument to the cli, otherwise you'd just get the default 
number of reqs displayed from there too.

The other thing you could do, is edit the filters to disable listing of 
resolved requests, thus stopping people crashing themselevs out. If people 
need to look at a resolved request, and don't know the ticket number, then 
either use the cli and grep,  or if the subject isn't descriptive, try grep 
-Ri 'keyword' whilst in rt/transactions/

I'd probably try hacking it myself, but I'm figuring a stable, stable RT v2.0 
isn't that far away, and I'll just make do with RT's eccentricities until then.


Feargal Reilly,
Systems Administrator,
The CIA.

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