[rt-users] performance question

Othmar Pasteka op at atnet.at
Thu May 18 18:11:20 EDT 2000


when i update my queue filter, say, i want to display a queue on
its own, it takes some time till it shows up. the database and
the amount of data isn't that high, overall there are about 50
tickets, if i display all tickets. it starts to load some data
then it stops, it runs perl or so, and then begins to display the
queue. is it really because perl is started and that the perl
statements are processed? or can it be just because of an ide
disk which isn't that old, probably 1 1/2 year, or is this
regarded as old and slow and not adviceable to use?
because my boss is complaining about it that it takes quite some
time till the updated queue filters are displayed.
i mean unusually long.

forthermore, is there a list or something similar which tells one
the add-ons to rt 1.0.x which are in the cvs? there were some
hints and points in the past weeks that there are some extra
things in cvs which could be useful, so it would be great if
there is a list describing these, etc.

so long

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