[rt-users] performance question

Jeffrey H. Johnson jeff+rt at websitefactory.net
Fri May 19 12:04:52 EDT 2000

On 5/18/00 5:43 PM -0700 stephen at mendel.ucsc.edu wrote:

> I think this is an issue with your machine.
> But to make sure, test some other software etc.
> RT works right?

Maybe I missed this part of the thread... but...  what OS is this running,
and what version of perl?  What does top report for the perl process and
the mysql process after a day or so of running.

It's very possible that the delay is in MySQL rather than RT, and it's also
possible that the perl that came with your OS was compiled without optimization
enabled - which can make a difference.

MySQL's use of threads makes it slow on some platforms that don't offer
native support and need to use those mit-threads instead.  We didn't get
decent performance until we updated to the latest Alpha release of MySQL.

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