[rt-users] performance question

Othmar Pasteka op at atnet.at
Fri May 19 13:11:23 EDT 2000


On Fri, May 19, 2000 at 12:04:52PM -0400, Jeffrey H. Johnson wrote:
> Maybe I missed this part of the thread... but...  what OS is this running,
> and what version of perl?  What does top report for the perl process and
> the mysql process after a day or so of running.

linux 2.2, perl 5.00503

well it varies, if i change between queues perl doesn't show up
at all, sometimes with just a few percent, and sometimes, if it
takes unusual long to build the table, there is a peak of 17%, i
didn't see higher percentages.

> It's very possible that the delay is in MySQL rather than RT, and it's also
> possible that the perl that came with your OS was compiled without optimization
> enabled - which can make a difference.

erm, sorry, but the queue has currently about 20 open tickets, so
i shouldn't need an optimized perl at all. and the ticket number
is at 72 or so, so very unlikely.

> MySQL's use of threads makes it slow on some platforms that don't offer
> native support and need to use those mit-threads instead.  We didn't get
> decent performance until we updated to the latest Alpha release of MySQL.

this would suck btw. ...

so long

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