[rt-users] performance question

Jeffrey H. Johnson jeff+rt at websitefactory.net
Fri May 19 14:47:33 EDT 2000

>> MySQL's use of threads makes it slow on some platforms that don't offer
>> native support and need to use those mit-threads instead.  We didn't get
>> decent performance until we updated to the latest Alpha release of MySQL.
> this would suck btw. ...

I agree, it does suck, however, on a PII/400Mhz with 256MB of RAM, we've on
ticket 19,500 now, and the system is very fast.  We have many hundreds of
megabytes of tickets archived, and the performance is very fast.  We even have
a custom hack to gzip old transactions, and if the transaction is a .gz,
it'll ungunzip it before sending it into the viewer, and still VERY fast.
The OS, btw, is FreeBSD 4.0, which is new, migrated from OpenBSD 2.4.  Didn't
have any problem on either of these BSD's, performance has always been
excellant, most operations are instant.

However, we've had lots of problems with MySQL running 100% CPU usage and
staying there, and then taking a huge delay to answer any queries, MySQL
just plain crashing, or certain queries hanging.  Honestly, MySQL is a huge
piece of shit, excuse my french.

Updating to the 3.23.14-alpha of MySQL has fixed all our problems with
performance.  We are running a script that will automatically cleanup and
restart mysql if it crashes, and I think it's only happened once or twice.

If this bothers you, you can install SQL RELAY,  from
http://www.firstworks.com/site/pages/html/frames.cgi.  This lets you
keep a persistant database connection.  Then you'll need to do some hacking
to RT, but this may solve your performance problems.  The MySQL calls will
be very easy to translate, as we did this to postgres once, but I'd rather
stay easily updateable to the current RT developments, so I'm not running
that version now.  Others have done oracle/sybase ports you can check out.

I hope this helps you.

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