[rt-users] Re: definition on rt-mailgate

Kazu Kimura kimura at ctc.ad.jp
Wed Nov 1 01:11:00 EST 2000

Hello Eric,

Thank you for the clarification.
However, concerning the usage, it is still vague to me.

Will somebody answer to me with following example.  In fact, the use of
mail is not yet successful.  I cannot say if my understanding is wrong
or my RT installation is wrong.

Assumption: to make it simple, I set /etc/aliases for rt as follows.

# use for RT
comment:        "|/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate CTCN comment"
action: "|/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate CTCN action"
correspond:     "|/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate CTCN correspond"

(1)To open a request, is following valid.

host% mailx correspond at red.stf.ctc.ad.jp
Subject: test 1
%rt user kimura
%rt pass kimura

test if new request is opened.



Result:Two message are sent back.
(i)Thank you for taking some action:

> %rt user kimura
RT: Username kimura noticed. 
> pass ***** RT: You are now authenticated as kimura. 

-------------------------------------------- Managed by Request Tracker
(ii)There has been an error:
There has been an error with your request:
You don't have permission to create requests in this queue

Your message is reproduced below:

test if new request is opened.


Q1. With Web interface, user "kimura" is designated as Admin.  Why is
this rejected?

(2)To add a comment, is following valid?
host% mailx comment at red.stf.ctc.ad.jp
Subject: router crash
%rt user kimura
%rt pass kimura
%rt open 3

Need vendor investigation.

Result:Two messages are sent back.
-------------------------------------------- Managed by Request Tracker
(no contents)

(ii)There has been an error:

You did not specify a ticket number for these comments. Please resubmit them
with a ticket number.  Your comments appear below.

Need vendor investigation.
Q2. It seems the way to specify ticket number was wrong. How ?

There are more things that are vague or not accepted by RT.  But today,
I will restrict up to these.

I think mail interface is important.  If somebody knows examples of how
to use mail interface, I need it or would like to know where I can get

Thanks and best regards,
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Kazu Kimura <kimura at ctc.ad.jp>
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