[rt-users] Q: Multiple Requestors per Ticket?

Paul Hirose phirose at sac.verio.net
Mon Nov 27 20:02:43 EST 2000

In short...Is there a way to have multiple "Requestor" email-addresses
for one ticket in RT-1.0.5?

In a bit more detail...We have a web-based form which we have our various
non-support-staff fill out, on behalf of our various customers.  The contents
are sent via email to RT and assigned to a support-staff member.  The
difficulty here is, we would like to have both the "non-support-staff" person
*AND* the "actual customer" to be a "Requestor" and have *BOTH* folks
get email which is generated as Correspondence occurs on this ticket.

We don't want to make every non-support-staff member a member of the
support queue.  Certainly, we don't want the customer to be a member of
the support queue either.  We only want them to get the email as our
support staff respond and handle the ticket.

I've tried a variety of things...I've set our CGI Script (in Perl) which
takes the form and turns it in to email to have our Reply-To: header
contain *both* the email address of our non-support-staff and the
customer.  I've tried entering one as Reply-To: and the other as a CC:.
I've tried entering both as CC: and Reply-To: and so on.  

Judging by its actions, it appears that RT collects from the various
mail headers, the first address that it sees, using Reply-To: as its
first preference, then From:, then Sender:.  I don't mind its priorities,
I just want it to handle more than one entry in its database for Requestor.

Has anyone made a change for this, or am I missing some configuration option?
I'll be happy to hack out some code if that's what it takes (I'm guessing)
if someone could point me in roughly the right direction :)

I know this was possible using Req-1.2.7...most likely out of sheer
coincidence, but possible nonetheless (we constructed the header as
 "Reply-To: nonsupportstaff,customer" and it worked w/Req-1.2.7)

Willing to experiment...please feel free to drop me a note and I'll be
happy to summarize for general archival to the list (or just reply to
the list, I just subscribed.)

Thanks all...

Paul Hirose -- phirose at sac.verio.net		Voice: 916-856-1530
Verio, the new world of business	 	Fax:   916-856-1540

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