[rt-users] Mail loop

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Thu Nov 30 17:08:37 EST 2000

First up, you really. really. desperately want to upgrade to 1.0.5.

If you're a little bit handy with perl, you can 
modify  $RTROOT/lib/rt/ui/mail/manipulate.  Look for "postmaster"
and add another regexp.   If you need help, I can cons up an 

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 02:03:47PM -0800, Bruce A. Hamilton wrote:
> I inherited an RT 0.9.14 system and know very little about it.
> Is there a simple way to specify a list of addresses that RT should *never*
> reply to? E.g. we have a user name which is the same as an RT queue name, so
> mail from that user can generate a mail loop.
> Thanks,
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