[rt-users] Re-Assigning a Ticket

bill at daze.net bill at daze.net
Tue Oct 10 14:42:59 EDT 2000

> I am trying to re-assign a ticket
> and it says that I must steal the
> ticket first.
> I am admin of the queue. How do
> I re-assign the Owner of a Ticket?

I just encountered this for the first time myself.  In the past I have
been assigning unassigned tickets or tickets that were assigned to myself
to others.  However I came across a ticket that was assigned to the wrong
person (not myself) and I tried changing the "owner".  I was told that I
must assigned it to myself first, then the new owner, so I had to:

old -> me
me -> new

As the admin, I hoped I could just do:

old -> new

Any ideas?

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