[rt-users] Okay..new problem

Scott Fraser sfraser at questertangent.com
Thu Oct 12 17:07:59 EDT 2000

Well, I have given up on the mySQL auth method for now. Everything seems
to be running okay, expect for the following:

type in: http://internal.questertangent.com/rt/admin-webrt.cgi
and it brings me to the RT Administrator Screen, but does NOT prompt me
for a userid/password. It says I am logged in as: . 
And that I am not allowed to modify/edit queues.

Any thoughts on this one folks?

I have gone through the FAQ/README/user guide and have not come across a
solution. I did upgrade my Digest::MD5, as well as CGI.pm as suggested.
It appears as if it is NOT sending me cookies.

Once I get over this hurdle, I am going to try using the fetchmail
(remote mail server) setup, as our intranet server does not handle our
internal mail for us. Any advice?

Cheers and thanks to everyone who contributed code/time/etc... to this
project. It's a very cool piece of software.


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            Senior Systems/Network Administrator

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