[rt-users] Can't locate object method new

Jill Lundquist jill at chezns.org
Thu Oct 12 19:33:46 EDT 2000

Hello, RT users!

While installing RT, I ran into a problem that was in the archives, but
with no solution.  Since I have just figured out what the problem was,
I thought I'd quote a three-week-old message and tell how I fixed it.
It's not often one gets to offer a solution in one's first posting to a
mailing list.

>Hi, I have one problem
>I have the version 1.34 RT.
>And Im using a Linux RedHat Kernel 2.2.16
>And Perl 5 subversion 3
>Apache 1.3.12
>my rt is installed in: /opt/rt/
>im acess the script in browser and in the error_log im view the problem:
>> Can't locate object method "new" via package "Digest::MD5" at
>> /opt/rt/lib/rt/ui/web/auth.pm line 36, <DATA> chunk 64.
>> [Thu Sep 21 23:42:12 2000] [error] [client] Premature =
>end of
>> script headers: /home/villenet/cgi-bin/webrt.cgi
>Im installing the Digest:MD5 version 1.5, what repend? please help-me

I had exactly the same problem turn up in my error_log.  It turned out
that I had not installed the perl module Digest-MD5; instead I had
installed Digest-Perl-MD5.  

Once I uninstalled Digest-Perl-MD5 and installed Digest-MD5, it started
to work.

Marcio, this might be too late to help, but maybe someone else will read
it some day.

Jill Lundquist		                     jill at chezns.org
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