[rt-users] web interface kicks me out repeatedly

Jill Lundquist jill at chezns.org
Thu Oct 12 22:00:39 EDT 2000

I've got a problem I've seen mentioned in the FAQ and in the rt-users
archive, but I'm having trouble.  I can log in via the web interface,
but when I try to do anything (namely create a request in the queue), 
I'm kicked back out to the login screen with 'You are not logged in'
at the top.  

I've done these things:

    Gone into the database and confirmed that I'm using the correct
    username and password.  My only concern from doing this is that 
    the database shows root's password as the default, when I distinctly
    remember setting it to the same thing as my password.  But I was tired.

    Confirmed that cookies are on in my browser (Netscape Communicator 4.75)

    Confirmed that I'm not using MSIE, so it can't be that bug.  :-)

The password is 8 characters -- is that too short?  How can I change my
password if I can't get into the web interface?

We are using nonroutable addresses behind a NAT server/firewall, but there
should be no proxies between the machine I'm running the browser on
and the machine I'm running RT on.

Any ideas for how to debug this would be much appreciated.

Jill Lundquist		                     jill at chezns.org
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