[rt-users] web interface kicks me out repeatedly

Greg White gregwhite at ihermes.com
Sun Oct 15 23:10:38 EDT 2000

Jill Lundquist wrote:
> >Update on the "kicked out when doing anything" problem:
> Ahem.  It works when I stop using our home-grown web proxy (which I
> didn't realize I had configured on this machine).  Good call, Jesse.
> "Are you running a web proxy?" might be another thing to add to the
> list of "things that might be wrong if the web interface doesn't
> work" in the FAQ.  Perhaps as a comment on the "must accept cookies"
> part.

Just wanting to chime in, here -- when I don't use the proxy (squid), it
me out. When I do, it doesn't. Opposite behaviour of the OP... Any


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