[rt-users] web interface kicks me out repeatedly

Jill Lundquist jill at chezns.org
Sun Oct 15 22:54:37 EDT 2000

>Update on the "kicked out when doing anything" problem:

Ahem.  It works when I stop using our home-grown web proxy (which I
didn't realize I had configured on this machine).  Good call, Jesse.

"Are you running a web proxy?" might be another thing to add to the
list of "things that might be wrong if the web interface doesn't
work" in the FAQ.  Perhaps as a comment on the "must accept cookies"

Many thanks to all who made suggestions.  The first thing I'm going
to put in this queue when it's set up is "our proxy needs to work
with RT".  :-)

Jill Lundquist		                     jill at chezns.org
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