[rt-users] RT for public bug tracking?

Jill Lundquist jill at chezns.org
Thu Oct 26 01:13:02 EDT 2000

Is anyone using RT for bug tracking?  Our little gang of geeks is
now using it for our support queue, and it's working well.  Okay,
it's working well for those of us who have taken the time to learn
it, and I'm slowly training the others.  :-)  I've received a request
from one of the engineers who works remotely to make it run the bug
database as well, since he prefers an email interface over the web
interface at sourceforge.

I'm not averse to that, but my concern is that this bug database has
to be readable by anyone with web access.  Any comments on how secure
RT is?  I'm thinking of putting it on a separate machine from everything
else and backing it up at least once a day so the bug database won't
be too horribly compromised if someone manages to find a hole and 
wreak havoc.

Comments?  I would guess that a lot of people are already using RT as
a bug database, but is anyone using it as a public bug database?

Jill Lundquist		                     jill at chezns.org
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