[rt-users] Purging OLD requests...

Landon Stewart techmgr at imag.net
Thu Oct 26 11:36:21 EDT 2000

The serial number we are at now is 619 and we've been running RT for about 
a month.  I expect this to go into the 10s of thousands eventually.  The 
last tracking app we were using was up to 7000 or more within about 5 months.

I use RT for the support mail, abuse complaints, internal fixes and 
requests for service.  Its great because I can take the networking problems 
and requests for services but then I can assign the support mail and abuse 
complaints to our technical support department.

I've also setup several different support mail queues because we have 
several different companies that we want to "appear" as.  This makes the 
auto-email reply with correct contact information and a customized company 
auto-reply email.

Warehousing is definitely going to be a required function, even though the 
database is running on a very fast Sparc machine with 1GB of RAM.

>Yeah, that's what I had in mind too.  I got the imagination running a bit
>too fast and soon I had an image of a system like a tape backup jukebox
>equipped with a robot arm to move the media around, so one could look at
>tickets from eons back.  With a soft drink dispenser on the side.  But
>that might be overkill.
> >I've never written the tool because I've never been anywhere with an RT 
> instance
> >that was to big or slow for easy use.
>This is good to hear.  Does anyone know how big RT systems get without
>slowing down?  What is the biggest serial number out there?  I'm sure
>someone can beat my 87.  :-)
>                 Jill
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