[rt-users] User login required to send a request?

arclight at jump.net arclight at jump.net
Wed Sep 13 09:40:34 EDT 2000

On 13 Sep 00, at 10:01, Jens.Mattfeld at atmel-wm.com wrote:
> I want to use rt for all my users as a kind of hotline system. So I 
> not want to create a user account for all the users. I just want to
> have a form that must be filled out, but no user authentication.
> Is this possible with rt?

Yes, sort of. I've built a script called productizer.cgi that submits 
jobs to RT via the mail interface; the latest version is at


You'll need to customize it for your application and set up an RT 
queue that allows non-members to create requests.

I will be modifying this script in the near future (in a week or so) 
into a more generic web submission form. Basically, I'll be stripping 
out all the product creation code and allow users to select queues, 
making the form much more generic (and hopefully more useful).

-- Bob

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