[rt-users] Configuration problems with rt 1.0.4

Martin Schapendonk martin at schapendonk.org
Sun Sep 17 08:25:40 EDT 2000


Maybe I'm overlooking something, but I can't seem to find the problem.
I have a setup with one queue "help", and non-members are allowed to
create requests. The docs say "if you want tickets to be auto-created,
comment is the right choice".

So I created an aliases which calls "rt-mailgate help comment". But when
I send email to this adress, RT responds with an error "no ticket number
associated with your request".

So I changed the alias to say "rt-mailgate help correspond". This way
the ticket is auto-created, but now, the From-address is the queue email
alias. This prevents queue-members to comment on requests via mail,
since every reply is regarded as correspondation, because it is
processed by the "help"-alias.

I thought it may be possible to have users request something, comment on
it internally and then correspond with the user, but I seem to overlook
something. Or am I asking something that isn't possible with RT?

Do queue members always have to change the reply-address to force a
comment instead of correspondation? Or can I add Reply-To-headers is
some way to get the desired behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

Martin Schapendonk

  Martin Schapendonk, martin at schapendonk.org, Phone: +31 (0)6 55770237
  Student Information Management and Technology at Tilburg University
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