[rt-users] Configuration problems with rt 1.0.4

Phil Homewood pdh at bit.net.au
Sun Sep 17 08:55:37 EDT 2000

Martin Schapendonk wrote:
> Do queue members always have to change the reply-address to force a
> comment instead of correspondation? Or can I add Reply-To-headers is
> some way to get the desired behaviour?

What I did to get around this:

* create an alias "help-comment" that calls mailgate with a "comment" arg
* create an alias "help" that calls mailgate with a "correspond"
* set the queue alias in RT Admin to "help-comment"

People send requests to "help", it goes through RT and comes out
from "help-comment", so replies are treated as comments. If one
of the queue members wants to reply instead of comment, they just
delete the "-comment" from the address before hitting "send".

I couldn't think of any easier way to be able do both "comment"
and "correspond" via email.
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