[rt-users] Merged tickets

Phil Homewood pdh at bit.net.au
Wed Sep 20 16:49:17 EDT 2000

Jesse wrote:
> Ack. I thought I fixed this one a while ago. I'm kind of hosed right now.
> If anyone else has some time to poke at the webui code, I'd greatly appreciate
> it.

If I get time, I will.

> > Same here with rt 1.0.4, with both email and web interfaces.
> > The 'each_req' and 'transactions' tables both seem to know
> > about the effective SN, but neither interface wants to show
> > it...

Of course, stupid me meant the "cli" and web interfaces, NOT email.
(AFAIK, you can't get a job history via email intreface - or am I
missing something?)
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