[rt-users] small style requests

Dan Debertin airboss at bitstream.net
Mon Sep 25 14:09:31 EDT 2000

I have two peccadilloes with the latest version of RT (1.0.4):

1) Is there a reason why the "Display Queue" link at the top of the ticket
display page disappeared? Now I have to scroll all the way down to the
bottom of the ticket to get back to the queue. You're making a sysadmin
use his mouse! bad! ;)

2) One dance that I find myself doing frequently from the queue display
page is:
set display filters (status, queue, subject, etc.)
update queue filters
view a single ticket
return to the queue

When I get to this point, my carefully set queue filters are gone, and I
have to reset them. I'd like for my filters to stay between viewings of
the queue. Is this perhaps something planned for The Next Big Thing?

~Dan D.
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