[rt-users] Help with rt-mailgate

Dan Shauver shauver at hort.cri.nz
Wed Sep 27 16:34:33 EDT 2000

There is one point that the FAQ doesn't mention.  If you compile sendmail
from source, instead of installing it from the Redhat Linux rpm, the default
location for the smrsh program directory is "/usr/adm/sm.bin".  This directory
doesn't exist under RH 6.2 by default ("/usr/adm" doesn't exist, in fact).  You
can either create the directory specifically for the compile of smrsh, or you
can edit .../sendmail-8.X.X/smrsh/smrsh.c to replace "/usr/adm/sm.bin" with

Personally, I recommend upgrading to sendmail 8.11, which means compiling the
source code.  At least, I've not seen a rpm/deb distribution of that version.
I've not looked for one, though, either.

Dan Shauver
HortResearch UNIX Dude

>RTFM (http://www.fsck.com/projects/rt/docs/FAQ.html, section 5)
>Happy Landings,
>Jon Detert

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