[rt-users] Including a local file with OnCreate?

Scott A. McIntyre scott at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 4 05:08:46 EST 2001


I'm looking for a way to use RT to send out automated messages that are
triggered by an external application, or perhaps email, which may
contain, or be required to contain, information that isn't already
within the RT system itself.

For example, say that I wanted RT to send out a virus alert message to
notify someone that they're infected with a particular computer virus.
If I have a database of usernames and IP addresses, perhaps internet
domain names, then I'd like my alert to be sent to the email address in
charge of the IP address/domain, but to have the warning sent reference
them as well.

The easiest way I can think of performing this would be to run rt with
--requestors of the destination address, --queue for the virus type, but
then have an external file also be included with the OnCreate template
which includes whatever extra information out external databases

In other words, to have the template object read in from an optionally
provided filename, or posibly a new Action which will when applied to an
OnCreate will include the text we generate elsewhere as the template.

Make sense?  The "flow" we've got in mind is that an application on a
seperate system will either send a specially crafted email to the RT
system, or, more likely, will connect to it and run a command line
invocation of RT which will notify someone of their virus infection by
creating a ticket in the appropriate queue, as well as include
information which we have about their hostname, domains affected, etc.
All of this other data is kept outside of RT -- however, perhaps it
could be specified in headers and a modified rt-mailgate could use those
to put values into a standard template?

Anyway, mostly looking for suggestions and ideas...any are welcome!



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