[rt-users] WebExternalAuth in config.pm

Richard Fedoriuk rfedoriuk at rnm.ca
Wed Dec 5 14:56:56 EST 2001

I'm trying to write a ticket using an external cgi program which
posts the necessary fields to $RT-Host://Tickets/Display.html
(I don't need to view the ticket afterwards, I just want to post
it to RT)

I can successfully post to a test cgi-script this way, however I
seem to be having problems authenticating in RT...

I have tried setting "WebExternalAuth" in the config.pm file (and
restarted Apache), and setting $REMOTE_USER to a valid RT account, 
but it is still failing...

can anyone help me on this?

appreciate your time,
 - Richard

  Richard Fedoriuk
  Build Manager
  Rogers iMedia
  Ph: (416) 642-4826
  rfedoriuk at imedia.rogers.com

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