[rt-users] WebExternalAuth in config.pm

Christian Gilmore cgilmore at tivoli.com
Wed Dec 5 17:30:27 EST 2001


Do you have your apache configured for external authentication as well? It
needs to have "require valid-user" or similar set as well as the auth
directives that come with it (AuthUserFile, etc.). Is the userid in the
AuthUserFile identical to the userid within RT? Last, the password in RT
and the password in your external system are mutually exclusive. One has
nothing to do with the other.


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> I'm trying to write a ticket using an external cgi program which
> posts the necessary fields to $RT-Host://Tickets/Display.html
> (I don't need to view the ticket afterwards, I just want to post
> it to RT)
> I can successfully post to a test cgi-script this way, however I
> seem to be having problems authenticating in RT...
> I have tried setting "WebExternalAuth" in the config.pm file (and
> restarted Apache), and setting $REMOTE_USER to a valid RT account,
> but it is still failing...
> can anyone help me on this?
> appreciate your time,
>  - Richard
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