[rt-users] Mod_ssl and RT2? Possibly off-topic...

Christian Gilmore cgilmore at tivoli.com
Thu Dec 6 16:08:58 EST 2001

I continue to struggle with a mod_ssl-enabled RT2 (2.0.9) occasionally
having connection troubles with internet explorer browsers (netscape here
works fine). I've finally set my mod_ssl error level to debug, but I
wonder if anyone has made progress on this problem?

It wasn't so bad in earlier versions of RT2, but now that everything
appears to be no-cache, forms that fail submission because of connection
issues now have to be re-filled for another attempt. On a secondary note,
would it be possible to pick and choose what content has the no-cache
header(s) and what do not?


Christian Gilmore
Team Lead
Web Infrastructure & Tools
IBM Software Group

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> Is anyone else using this setup and/or had problems with it?
> We have been using RT2 with Mod_ssl/Apache for about a week now and we
> constantly get unable to find page error messages while using
> RT. If you
> hit back and then submit or refresh the page it usually
> resolves the error
> but is very annoying. As a test we switched RT2 back to a non-ssl
> setup on the same server and now we no longer receive any
> error messages.
> Log files show SSL connections being 'lost' or 'not connected'.
> System is Solaris 8 on Sparc platform Sun Netra T1.
> Apache is 1.3.19 with mod_ssl, mod_perl (static module built
> into apache),
> mod_php4. Everything built from scratch on that server.
> System has plenty of RAM and disk and is not loaded at all.
> We do not have problems with any other pages on mod_ssl just
> with RT2 on
> mod_ssl.
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