[rt-users] Loops / not catching id

Ian D ian at assv.net
Mon Dec 10 08:56:44 EST 2001

Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com> writes:

> So you end up with mail with a subject line that looks like
> Subject: [roxen.com #37] [roxen.com #38] Blah blah blah 

> ?That sounds like you've got some unwanted whitespace in $rtname.

It's worked so far. I'll see if I can provoke this bug again.

> > I'm getting some interesting loops here. When replying to a mail sent
> > from a customer, I added our stamp, [roxen.com #37], to the
> > subject. Next thing I see is a create message saying "Hi, your new
> > ticket id is [roxen.com #38].
> > 
> > What could be causing this? This is from traffic on our support alias,
> > where RT is now listening (we added this just today). Another thing we
> > added just today is the scrip "OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors with
> > template Autoreply", at the same time we have "OnCreate NotifyAdminCcs
> > with template Autoreply". Possible conflict?

/Ian D
ian at assv.net

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