[rt-users] Adding a new Scrip Action to RT2

John Castillo john.castillo at cnp-tech.com
Mon Dec 10 13:56:50 EST 2001

yeah i found the insert_condition.pl from the contrib section.  had some
trouble on friday changing it to insert_action... looks like it makes
some DB connection and adds a row to the ScripActions table... will have
to look at it more today... i'll let you know what i find.


On Sat, 2001-12-08 at 10:12, Damian Gerow wrote:
> > > doh!  nothing in docs...
> > >
> > > i've pieced together something in etc/insertdata.  i tried to add the
> > > Action i wrote into that file, but it doesn't show up as a drop down
> > > menu option in the Queues/Scripts webpage.  am i also supposed to jump
> > > into mysql and add my new Action there?  help!  has anyone done this...
> > >
> > > john.
> > >
> >
> >I'm in the same situation.  It would seem to be the answer to a lot of the
> >stuff I need RT to do, but unfortunately is almost completely undocumented.
> Try checking out the contributions and addons -- there's an 
> insert<something or other>.pl that should show you how to do it.

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