[rt-users] RT2 Apache Proxy Setup

alan milligan alan_milligan at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 12 05:54:53 EST 2001

Hi guys,

I'm trying to get rt2 going using the ProxyPass stuff in the setup 
documentation, as database handles are precious.  I have it going quite 
happily independently on http://localhost:1234,

I have a single entry for this in my Apache virtual host section:

	ProxyPass /rt2/  http://localhost:1234/

However, from my https://localhost/rt2 URL location, I get a 'The requested 
URL /rt2 was not found on this server' message (and for 
https://localhost/rt2/).  It is basically ignoring my proxy request and 
attempting to serve normally.  (If there is an issue with going from 
http/https via a proxy - I'd expect an entirely different error ...)

I'm new to using proxy's with Apache, but the Apache documentation doesn't 
suggest your install instructions are at all deficient.  But there is a TODO 
there with an example of a httpd.conf required.  Does my answer lie in there 

Cheers, Alan

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