RES: [rt-users] Grouping tickets

Presciliano dos Santos Neto psneto at
Wed Dec 12 13:50:49 EST 2001

Ok, but is possible to select tickets and merge then at once or I need to
modify each ticket individually ?


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> Assunto:		Re: [rt-users] Grouping tickets
> >I have a RT queue to abuse complaints, and I'd like to group tickets
> >regarding the same SPAM, notifying all the requestors involved. Currently
> I
> >do it resolving the tickets individually, and I have a scrip
> >"NotifyRequestors onResolve with Template Resolved".
> >
> >Any idea ?
> Check the 'Links' section of the ticket -- you can merge all the tickets 
> into one, and all the Requestors will be kept on the ticket, so by 
> resolving the ticket, you'll be notifying all the requestors.

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