[rt-users] Re: email not being sent, again...

dphull at ku.edu dphull at ku.edu
Thu Dec 13 11:11:02 EST 2001

Nevermind, I just came across a post in the archive saying that if the
requestor's address is the same as the person replying, an email will not
be sent.

This solved the problem.


On Thu, 13 Dec 2001 dphull at ku.edu wrote:

> I have been looking through the archives of the mailing list and see that
> this is a fairly common issue, however, none of the entries therein has
> helped me thus far.
> I've been playing with the "general" queue. I have added the necessary
> scrips both globally and to this queue specifically so that email will be
> sent to the requestor on status change, resolve and correspondence.
> However, no mail is sent to the requestor on any of these events.
> The requestor does receive the auto-reply when a new ticket is created. I
> am not getting any errors logged on this in the rt.log files, nor in the
> maillog file and there's no relevant info. in the httpd logs.
> I'm frustrated and baffled. Any help appreciated.
> Dave Hull
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