[rt-users] 6000 tickets system slows down and eats memory

David Fletcher david at micro-prince.com
Thu Dec 13 15:21:55 EST 2001

While looking at older messages about RT2 being slow I came accross this
thread.  I feel really dumb reading the following example:

> The other thing I've been doing to keep things running smoothly is running
> the following statements nightly via cron -- adapt as makes sense for you:
> $dbh->do("OPTIMIZE TABLE Tickets");
> print "Optimized Tickets.\n";
> $dbh->do("OPTIMIZE TABLE Transactions");
> print "Optimized Transactions.\n";
> $dbh->do("OPTIMIZE TABLE Attachments");
> print "Optimized Attachments.\n";
> $dbh->do("OPTIMIZE TABLE Watchers");
> print "Optimized Watchers.\n";
> $dbh->do("OPTIMIZE TABLE ObjectKeywords");
> print "Optimized ObjectKeywords.\nDone!\n\n";
> This clears out any deleted stuff and defrags the tables too I believe.

Could someone help out a dummy like me with an explanation of how to
implement this, or point me to the right documentation to figure it out?


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