[rt-users] 2.0.9 configuration/feature requests

Bill Petrisko bill at limelightnetworks.COM
Mon Dec 17 16:21:50 EST 2001

Still implementing rt2 -- looks great so far.

A few configuration and/or feature requests:

1) In config.pm, web header setup (%WebOptions):
    Is there a way to specify a specific Keyword to be listed for each
    (ie: I have a keyword 'Location' that would be useful to be listed in
the summary.)

2) Is there a way to have the number of transactions listed for each ticket
in the ticket summary?

3) Is there a list of legal variables for use in templates?

4) Is there a list of legal variables/types/actions for use in the config.pm

5) Is there a way to change the system defaults on the 'ordering and
sorting' section of the display page?
5a) I would love to have the default for sorting results to be 'decending.'
5b) It might be useful to set the refresh to 'every 10 minutes' by default.

6) It would be very helpful to have a system-wide default option that
reverses the history display (so history entries are listed from newest to

7) Are there any formal relationships between child/parent depends
on/dependend on by -- ie: Is there a way to comment on all parents/children
at once or resolve all parents/children at once/etc?

Any pointers on if it is possible to do these things (or if they can be
included as future feature enhancements) would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that, I am really, really happy and impressed with RT2...
although it is almost a little intimidating with all the options and
configuration items- it seems that it can be configured to do just about
anything (once I can figure it out :) )


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