[rt-users] Re: DB problem?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Fri Dec 21 12:46:10 EST 2001

Ok.. This looks to have been tracked down to a browser usage problem. 
 And, as per Jesse's request, I am sending in this summary to keep 
everyone up to date.

It seems that Netscape 6 (Mozilla based) and other Mozilla based 
browsers as well as IE 6 try to be a little smart in guessing the way 
that the end user is working with forms.  For example, if you are 
entering information into a form and you fill out the fields, it guesses 
that if you hit "Enter" or "Return", you really mean that you want to 
submit the form.

Netscape 4.x never behaved this way (not sure about IE).  You physically 
had to hit the "Submit" button with the mouse in order for the form to 
be submitted.

Well, as it works out, if you want to "Modify people related to ticket 
#blah", and you want to add email addresses as "New Watchers", you can 
tickle a bug (possibly in form within RT, but I am not sure).  If you 
select a "Type" under add new watchers and then enter in an email 
address followed by the "Enter" key, both Netscape 6 and IE 6 "submit" 
the form.

Apparently, the way the form is getting submitted, some variable is 
_not_ getting set, so the resulting page displayed is the original 
"Modify people" page as if you had not made any changes.

The proper way to make these changes is to _not_ hit the enter key, but 
move the mouse over to the "Save Changes" button and click on it.

I saw this problem on two separate RT installations (didn't check beyond 
that), one with RT 2.0.9 and the other with RT-2.0.10-test3.  Both 
behaved the same way.. both under Netscape 6.x and IE 6.  Both behaved 
properly when the Save Changes button was manually clicked as opposed to 
hitting the "Enter" key.


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