[rt-users] Re: DB problem?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Tue Dec 11 11:59:46 EST 2001

I am beginning to wonder.. [:)]

Ok.. I've stared at the privlidges a couple of times, and checked the 
DB.  Essentially, my account has _every_ privlidge there is.

Is there another location I should be looking at?

This functionality _did_ work previously, so I am not sure if it is due 
to an upgrade or what.. the last time it was used was under a 2.0.9pre 
version from CVS..

It is behaving as if ...

wait a sec.. Damn, it is a good thing the first job I had back in H.S. 
(in the 80s) was a beta tester.. [:)]   I just discovered the following:
o Under the "Add new watchers:" if I select "Requestor" and type in the 
email address of "Rich.West at wesmo.com" and hit submit, the screen 
refreshes after a moment and appears as if the update was denied.
o Under the "Find people whose..." selection, if I enter "rich.west" and 
hit go, the page updates the "Add new watchers:" selections, listing 
"Rich.West at wesmo.com ()" as a username selection.  If I select 
"Requestor" next to my name, and hit submit, the ticket is updated 

*gasp*  So I *can* get it to work, but only in that round-about way and 
only for known users (ones that RT has "discovered")

Also, to add to the pool of (mis)information, if I manually enter 
"Rich.West at wesmo.com ()" . it does get added, but as " 
Rich.West at wesmo.com ()". [:)]

This is weird..


Jesse Vincent wrote:

> Just to confirm, your account has the global "superuser" priviledge?
> On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 12:01:43PM -0500, Rich West wrote:
>> I don't have an actual account named "root" within RT....  My account 
>> is the designated "root" level account. [:)]
>> I tried turning the logging up to "debug" and restarting the web 
>> server, but I didn't get any output to the log file.  Is there 
>> another place where I can activate some debug messages (like a global 
>> "$debug=1;" or something)?
>> -Rich
>> Jesse Vincent wrote:
>>> So. can _root_ do these things?
>>> On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 10:02:54PM -0500, Rich West wrote:
>>>> No..no.. don't tell me that.. pleeease.
>>>> Hrmm.. ok.. After a series of tests, I now know that:
>>>> o I cannot add Requestors or CC's as "Current Watchers" to a ticket.
>>>> o I CAN add Administrative CC's, but only a select set of addresses 
>>>> (mine not being one of them).
>>>> This certainly isn't making me feel good..
>>>> Is there an easy way to turn up the debugging somewhere?  I am not 
>>>> getting any errors from httpd...
>>>> Better yet, is there *any* way to recover from this without loss of 
>>>> data?  Is there a way to rebuild the database, and jam all of the 
>>>> ticket contents back in without bringing over the corruption (if 
>>>> there is any)?
>>>> Hey.. wait a sec.. I just realized that I am seeing this same 
>>>> problem at another client.. Grrr.. it cannot be two cases of 
>>>> corruption.
>>>> I'm running 2.0.9 pretty much right out of the box.  No hacks or 
>>>> changes or anything that I am aware of..
>>>> -Rich
>>>> Jesse Vincent wrote:
>>>>> Two thoughts:     1) It could be ACLs
>>>>>     2) it could be mysql corruption
>>>>>     -j
>>>>> On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 03:57:01PM -0500, Rich West wrote:
>>>>>> With this strange email problem I just experienced, it seems that 
>>>>>> the "requestor" part of the ticket I was testing with got 
>>>>>> corrupted in some way.
>>>>>> For some reason, I could not add anyone as a requestor (still 
>>>>>> can't .. at least, not to this ticket).  I ended up having to 
>>>>>> force the entry into the "Watchers" table within the DB, which 
>>>>>> wasn't all that comforting..
>>>>>> Actually, the problem I am having is that I cannot any new 
>>>>>> watchers (of any type) to any ticket..  When I try, and hit "Save 
>>>>>> Changes", it updates the screen as it usually would, but doesn't 
>>>>>> display the normal "Results" table, and the settings for the 
>>>>>> queue watchers have not changed.
>>>>>> I'm running a very-standard 2.0.9 version of RT..

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