[rt-users] About rt2 ...

Andreas Hofmeister Andreas.Hofmeister at pyramid.de
Sat Feb 3 00:51:56 EST 2001


first of all I want to thank you for this piece of software. We run RT
since about 4 months and it works great. So I was curious about RT2 and
the new features and I had a look on the RT2 installation running at
your site. All in all it looks very promising, just some sugestions and

The start page is a good idea.  It gives a better overview about the
tickets assigned to a developer/supporter.  I just missed the priority
in the listing.  If i also could add customized queries into the "Find
open tickets"-box it was nearly perfect.

The search result page is somewhat better readable, on the other hand i
have only 12 request on one page. If you would use abbreviations for
week, month and day and remove the "ago" there was not that much wasted
space. ("ago" is redundant anyway ... or or could rt2 _realy_ show
future bugs so i could fix them tody? was realy great ;-)...)
The "Take" link is very usefull for our development staff because they
usually take requests from their queue, Our helpdesk is organized so
that there is one person who assigns the tickets to to the supporters.
Maybe his job was a little easier if he could assign  tickets by a
"click" into the  owner column.

Oh, and I realy missed the "refresh" for the search results ... and will
the "sort" buttons come back ?

The "ticket page" looks somewhat screwd up.  Maybe the various info
boxes could be more compact? For example, the transaction entries in RT2
don't show much more infos than those in RT1, but they take much more
Some informations about the users organisation was usefull. In some
cases we have more than one contact person in an organization, all may
submit requests to our queues. How about that: you could show just
ticket counts for the user and for his organisation, the counters then
could be links to the search list.

Can I use (or missuse ?) the address database for some sort of simple
mailing lists?  Can I add groups as queue members? If so, i could set up
for example a group "Beta tester" and then create a request in that
queue whenever we have a new beta package ready for download. Responses
to this "request" would would be assigned to the right ticket ... even
our sales department would love you for that ....

Finaly some ideas for rt3 ,,,

It was usefull if we could link a ticket to a system to get a problem
history of that system. This would  also help to find informations like
modem numbers or hardware infos for that machine.

The new address informations would make it possible to implement some
telephony support. There could be a little program on the helpdesk
peoples computer that monitors their telphone for incoming calls one
could use a modem or an isdn card for this). This program could ask the
browser running on the same workstation to display a page containing the
infos about the caller, show his/her open tickets and would allow to
create a new new request in a queue.
There should be some sort of prefix matching for the number, so that we
could find a record even if the caler calls from a diffrent telephone
branch in his/her company. For example we have the number +49 761 123
456 for a person X in the database but the call comes from +49 761 123
478. We would then try to match  +49 761 123 478% , +49 761 123 47%, +49
761 123 4% and +49 761 123% . Internal numbers are usually at most 5
digits long, therefor we could stop searching after that number of
digits ...

Real great work so far !


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