[rt-users] Re: RT 1.0.2 working with qmail?

Johnny Tan johnny at anodns.com
Tue Feb 6 12:59:25 EST 2001

Hi All,

Just want to summarise what is my problem and how then the solution came via
the mailling list.

Hopefully, this can help other fellows when asking about qmail with RT can
refer to this thread.

To make RT work with qmail, change the following in the Makefile (but if you
have compiled it, then change /path/to/rt/etc/config.pm

$mailprog = "/var/qmail/bin/sendmail";
$mail_options = "-oi -t";

Then remember the email aliases you created. My case was the mail alias for
RT is rt at domain.com while i have created user and group RT.

I create under ~alias/.qmail-rt
which contradict with the user account and qmail alias.
The problem with cannot chdir_maildir on my maillog is because i need to run
script to convert mbox format to maildir format. I forgot to do it for rt
user. Hence that is the problem comes.

I create queue "support"
So under Rt user account, i create .qmail
The content of .qmail is:
|preline /path/to/rt-mailgate queue correspond

i later change to support at domain.com
hence i create qmail alias under /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-support
the content of .qmail-support is
preline /path/to/rt-mailgate support correspond

Remember to allow non-member to create queue if you want to use email in the

Thanks for your help
Especially A.L.Lambert,Daniel W Lowe, Nathan and others in the mailing list

Hopefully this summarize will help other users in future.


I use RT 1.0.6

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