[rt-users] Web UI - limit tickets/page ability?

Russ Johnson russj at dimstar.net
Mon Feb 5 01:15:00 EST 2001

What I do is create the view I want, with the options at the bottom of the 
full list. Once that list is created, book mark the resulting page.

At 01:05 AM 2/5/2001 -0500, Darren Nickerson wrote:
>Since moving from ReqNG to RT some time ago now, our support queue has been
>effectively paralysed by the fact that RT's WWW UI shows the complete list of
>ALL open trouble tickets. Our queue is a large one, and the thousand+ entries
>cause Nutscrape and Internet Destroyer to REALLY chug when trying to 
>render the
>I note, with joy, that 1.3.x (soon to be 2.x) has the ability to limit 
>page. I note, with chagrin, the number of issues in that alpha-quality code.
>Do I presently have any viable option here? I just slurped the CVS - is it
>functional enough to manage a fairly simple queue, or is it still scary
>monster time? If it's not an option, does anyone have a hack I can wedge into
>the current stable release?

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