[rt-users] Mail reply to requestor

Lorens Kockum rt-id-45 at lists.lorens.org
Tue Feb 6 02:35:25 EST 2001

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 03:47:04PM +0100, Heiko Burghardt wrote:
> After using the reply function and pushing the "Send response"
> button there is no mail sent by RT.

I asked that question a few weeks ago, and I've seen it yet
another time since then, so it would seem this is definitely a
FAQ (hint, hint, whoever maintains it ;-))

I bet you created the ticket you're replying to?  Well, RT sees
that, and won't send mail to the person who is actually clicking
away in the interface -- after all, if you're writing the reply,
you don't need it in your already overflowing mailbox, right?

I had to create two users (same e-mail, if you want) to verify
that RT would actually send replies by mail.

#include <std_disclaim.h>                          Lorens Kockum

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