[rt-users] Question about using a web form to create a request.

Hamilton, Kent KHamilton at Hunter.COM
Tue Feb 6 18:22:26 EST 2001

I was building a web form which I had planned to use to simply
force people to enter specific information when they created a
request, since right now our "average" request consists of "My
PC is broke."

I have the form built, do data validation on the info and am
all ready to generate an email to create the ticket, two of
the things I'd like to allow I don't know if I can do.

1) I want allow them to set a "Requested By" date and have
   that be the initial due date.
2) I want to set the initial priority based on selections
   they make on the form.

So my question is: Since the ticket isn't created yet, it 
doesn't look like I can use "%RT SET prio xx" in the new ticket
itself, so how can I set these short of twiddling the database 
myself which I was trying to avoid by generating an email. The
form is done using ColdFusion so I could do this if there isn't
any other way. But I'd have to do some serious work to make sure
I had the correct ticket to twiddle with....


Kent Hamilton <KHamilton at Hunter.COM>
Manager Systems Admin & Networking
Hunter Engineering Company

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