[rt-users] New install of RT

Ralph Angenendt ra at letras.de
Wed Feb 14 07:33:21 EST 2001

Rob Pash wrote:
> I am battling with this new install.  RT is installed correctly, but 
> sendmail seems to have some issues.  The following is the maillog output 
> when I try to submit a comment within an RT ticket:
> Feb 13 15:51:22 Generator sendmail[21222]: PAA21220: 
> to=/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate rtqueue correspond, ctladdr=rt, delay=00:00:01, 
> mailer=*file*, stat=Can't create output: Permission denied
> First issue seems like a permission issue, but where exactly?  I have chmod 
> 755 the rt-mailgate file.

No, it's not a permission issue, it's an administration issue :-)

I bet, the rt-alias in /etc/mail/aliases looks like this

info-rt:        "/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate info correspond"

(which means, that sendmail tries to deliver to a file, in this case
/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate), while it should look like this

info-rt:        |"/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate info correspond"

(meaning sendmail should pipe the mail to /opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate
with the options 'info' and 'correspond').

So change the entry and rebuild your aliasfile and the logs will
look like this entry here:

Feb 14 03:00:42 server sendmail[26107]: DAA26106:
to=|"/opt/rt/bin/rt-mailgate root-mails correspond", delay=00:00:08,
xdelay=00:00:07, mailer=prog, stat=Sent

> Second is a Data format error trying to send out mail.

Sure - but it's caused by your alias definition. It'll go away.

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