[rt-users] missing take, untake, steal, give

webrt webrt at admin.gil.com.au
Fri Feb 16 00:52:37 EST 2001


> You need to  first steal the request by assigning it to yourself.  


> Once you steal it, you can then follow the same procedure to assign
> it to someone else (since you now own it, it's OK from the 
> program's stand point to reassign it to someone else).

This procedure makes sense for a "Manipulate" user.  But as a queue "Admin",
not RT Admin, this could be a one step process.

It actually looks like it should be working that way, as the "Steal #xx"
button appears if you are assigning PersonA's ticket to PersonC.  But you
get an error message and need to do the two step thang.

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