[rt-users] RT/BSDI/postfix

bill at daze.net bill at daze.net
Wed Feb 21 17:35:19 EST 2001


Not much help from me, however I can say that we have had no problems
running RT 1.0.5 through 1.0.7 on BSDI 3.1, MySQL 3.22.27 and sendmail.

> Hmm, we're using postfix not sendmail. I at first was thinking it might be
> a mail problem but as I tried to explain in my message the mail repsonse
> comes through fine, I can go read the response while the browser is sitting
> there spinning it wheels to redisplay the results of the transaction. Its
> something going on after the mail is sent, pretty sure its something to do
> with MySQL as tailing the mysql log shows a query entered but its like it
> never gets an answer (thus the browser says "Document contained no data")
> when something eventually times out, yet it still leaves the perl process
> running and I have to kill them off manually. Yet it all runs perfectly
> at home (Linux, RT 1.0.7, MySQL 3.23.32) but has problems at work with
> (BSDI 3.1, RT 1.0.7, MySQL 3.22.32).

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