[rt-users] Don't always email the requestor?!

Eric HALIL e.halil at mailbox.uq.edu.au
Thu Feb 22 00:27:40 EST 2001


We've been using RT 1.0.6 for a few weeks now and are finding it
really useful!  Great work Jesse :)

There are a couple of things that however make it even more useful :)
Both of these are related to the fact that in individual tickets we often
are chatting to more than more person.  RT seemed to be designed optimally
for dealing with one requestor (or small group of requestors who are all kept
up to date at the same time).

1.  Is it possible to to configure RT so it doesn't always send
incoming email (from someone other than the requestor) to the requestor?
The situation I want to fix is where we're talking to a few different
people regarding the same ticket.  Someone besides the requestor
replies to an email and it automatically gets sent to the requestor.

I had a quick look but it didn't seem to be the case.  I even tried hacking
the code but I caused all outgoing email to stop :(  Obviously hacked the wrong
spot!  Any suggestions or pointers in the code to hack would be appreciated!

2.  Is it possible to set the To: field when sending email from RT?  What
we'd like to do is send email to people who aren't the requestor (and also
NOT cc: them at the same time - see bullet 1).  A hacky way we've been doing
this is to set the requestor to the person we want to send email to.  But
this means we end up chaging the requestor all the time and this is ugly
(and not technically right).

Ideally, if when sending email you got an input text field for To: (as you
do for Cc: and Bcc:) that would be great.  To maintain current functionality
the To: field could have a default value of the requestor.  This will almost 
certainly take some code hacking.  Pointers to the right place to make changes
and other any suggetions comments most welcome!


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