[rt-users] rt2 features?

Kurt Yoder kurt at shcorp.shcorp.com
Mon Feb 26 09:29:42 EST 2001

I don't mind if you send it to rt-devel; I've clarified some of the stuff
below as well as asking more questions (sorry).

On Sat, 24 Feb 2001, you wrote:
> Can I send a copy of this to rt-devel? I don't want to publicize your requirements if you don't want them out there, but this would be useful for others to see, i think. I hope I answered your questions.
>         -j


> > split issues off of a ticket (this in next release?)
> rt2 lets you link tickets. you can do what you want with
> a little bit of UI

is the UI customization part of rt2 only? if also part of rt1, are there any


> > no "number" priorities, should be relative to each other instead
> > for instance, ticket 100 is equivalent priority to ticket 102, below ticket
> > 101, and above ticket 99
> > this would remove the possibility of running out of available priority #s
> not there. not going to happen for 2.0. not going to be terribly easy to implement.  you might be able to fake it with links.  (a MoreImportantThan link...)

are links also only part of 2?

hmm... I was thinking along the lines of:
each relative priority gets a unique "container"
each "container" has one or more tickets
each "container" has exactly one other container above it and one below it
(exception: lowest container has nothing below it, highest has nothing above it)

to put one ticket in between two other tickets:
create a new container and put the new ticket in it
container below new container changes "above" pointer to new container
new container changes "above" pointer to what container below it was pointing to

to put one ticket in identical priority to another ticket:
add it to the same container as the other ticket


> > tightly linked to inventory management; include serial-number field
> > this way I'd be able to reference all tickets associated with a particular
> > machine
> probably 2.2 or 2.4 when someone writes an asset tracking system to tie things
> to. 
> for now, you can create a RefersTo link for each ticket that "RefersTo asset://domain/ASSETID.  then some simple config file hacking to tie to your asset trakcing sytem.  what asset tracking system do you use?

is RefersTo part of RT1?
Unfortunately I don't have asset tracking yet; has anyone else done this? What
do they use?

> > more granular control of making changes to tickets & adding them
> > (is this the ACL?)
> ACLs do that. there now.

Are there any docs/instrucs on how to use this?


> > sort main view by area, priority
> 1.0 has that.

Oops, I meant filter, not sort...


> > section "also look at these other issues in X area:"
> The related tickets links should handle that for you.

Is this also only in RT2?

> > have links to other tickets in close-by areas
> > administrator defines "close-by" areas in relation to other areas
> I'm dubious about the utility of this. and I'm not sure how it would get implemented. can you give me a 'story' of how this would work?

OK, I'm in an area club x (for us, I've defined the areas as club x, y, and z).
Club y is close by, and I just closed out what I had to do at club x. I'd like
to pop a reminder up saying "if you have time, also drop by club y and look at
these tickets". Then I'd show a list of all tickets at club y.

> > automatic re-activation of tickets from "stalled" status after
user-defined time 
> > only administrator can stall tickets indefinitely
> > 
> someone needs to write an "RT cron" tool to do this sort of thing.

OK, how do I sign up?

> > when setting up new ticket, have possible actions (or "none")
> > this is a kind of web template for creating new requests
> > ex: action "upgrade PC to new", asks who for, checkbox list of what to do
> > 	where this is, etc, then press "submit" and template is created
> > 	then press "ok" and it's committed
> > administrator can modify and add new web templates
> > can track statistics by these actions (ex "5 upgrade PC to new actions")
> I'd probably do this with a keywords select.  (imagine being able to
> have as many 'area' selections as you need with their own names and list of
> options. per queue or global. that's keyword selects)

only in rt2?


My apologies for the extra time/questions! Thanks...


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