[rt-users] Replying to email from outside of RT

J.D. Falk jdfalk at mail-abuse.org
Wed Feb 28 12:57:54 EST 2001

On 02/28/01, Grant Miller <grant at pico.apple.com> wrote: 

> 5. The owner replys to the email they get from RT that has the requestors
> response in it from their email program (not RT).  
> 6. This message goes back to RT, but is not sent to the requestor.
> Should Request Tracker send mail back to the requestor in step #5, #6?

	In RT1, yes, that's the default -- I use it all the time.  If
	the message bounced for some reason, though, RT won't know
	that -- but your logfiles would.

	With RT2 it's more configurable.

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