[rt-users] stripmime and mail headers

Andres Petralli a.petralli at arpanet.ch
Thu Jan 4 09:00:43 EST 2001

Hi everyone
I just installed RT on one of our systems. I must say, that I'm really
surprised how good the software is, but for a few points, to which you
can surely give me a good solution to.

First: Our e-mail conversation is mostly in German what leads to some
garbage in the e-mails we write because of special iso characters like ö
ä ü . I saw that stripmime app on the contrib site, which should be
supposed to solve this problem. I tried to install it, but was not
successful. I followed the instructions in the app, but I'm not sure how
to configure those vars in stripmime. Could somebody give me a short
explanation that goes a little further than the comments in the app?
Maybe some examples would be fine too.

Second: We really don't need to see every header of the mail a requestor
has sent when looking at the e-mails or at the webui. Is there some way
to replace %trans:content% with something less heavy?

I hope you all had nice holidays!


Andres Petralli - Arpanet AG

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