[rt-users] RT-1.3.30 Install

Gary Berry grberry at home.com
Thu Jan 4 23:04:36 EST 2001

I am having some difficulty installing the new version of RT, I am using Mandrake 7.2 with all of the latest versions of Apache etc.
In the README file it describes how to set up the httpd.conf. In the distrubution that I use, if I put the Virtual Server code into the httpd.conf and try to restart Apache I get errors about the PerlHandler not being a recoginized command. It gives me this error three times and then crashes.

In Mandrake the layout of the http/conf/ directory is something like this

/something else/
(a couple of others)

In the /vhosts directory I find

and a couple of other files.

I have tried to find the particular areas in the three most prominent files to place the commands but nothing seems to work correclty.

I would be interested in knowing what distribution Jesse is using to create the RT program and if it makes a difference in how the RT program will work.

Please note that I have successfully set up RT 1.0.6 and it works like a charm, after much hair pulling to get things right. Maybe I just need to pull some more hair and things will fit into place.

Any Ideas
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