[rt-users] I can't figure this out...

RequestTracker RequestTracker at rfsd.k12.co.us
Fri Jan 5 11:52:45 EST 2001

I have been pulling my hair out on this and just can't seem to figure it

Using RT version1.0.6 on Linux

Using fetchmail to get mail (sending works fine)

PROBLEM:  All that shows up when running fetchmail is the headers

If I run: fetchmail -m "/home/rt/bin/rt-mailgate test correspond"  as root
then the message body shows up in the ticket

the .fetchmailrc says the same stuff, ie,
poll smtp.rtsd.k12.co.us with proto auto
user "rt-test" password "******" mda "/home/rt/bin/rt-mailgate test

Adding tickets from the web interface works properly

I did a: fetchmail -k -m cat
and the message body showed up, so fetchmail is getting the body

But, I added:
print "\n-----------------\nContent from stdin is: $content\n";

the the manipulate.pm file right after the call to read_mail_from_stdin()
and the body isn't there (so, I don't think it is RT per se)

I think it may be a permissions problem... I've run fixperms to no avail

I'd really, really, really (really!) appreciate any help.


Phillip W. Upton
Technology Director
Roaring Fork School District

P.S. I've got a "production" machine running Mandrake 7.1 and a "test"
machine running RH6 all info is for both/either environments, and I
started w/ 1.0.5 and have done an upgrade-noclobber and a regular upgrade
in attempts to track down this problem.

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